Data curation & management

We enable pharma enterprises to collate curated datasets from multiple literature sources and address specific machine learning tasks by leveraging our expertise in identifying data sources, converting them into required formats, normalizing variables across sources and integrating with AI models

Customized dataset collations using NLP techniques on literature

We help pharma companies to build curated datasets that are specific to the task at hand

e.g., Mining literature and patents using NLP techniques to build a database of Suzuki reactions

Automated research & patent updates in therapeutic area of interest

We provide productivity solutions for the discovery and research team by building an automated email alert system for updates in therapeutic area of interest

e.g., A weekly email alert summarizing the new articles, journals, patents published in relation to Alzheimer’s disease

Maximizing computational efficiency of data processing pipelines

We evaluate the data pipelines and suggest enhancements required to improve efficiency of computation