Utility solutions

Unlock the value of the data in millions of documents such as land lease agreements, drill logs, satellite images, maps, surveys, reports, assays, core tray images etc. that are stored in physical vaults but cannot be queried, organized or filtered.

Aganitha’s multi-step AI based utility solutions built for mining and exploration experts incorporate user feedback at every step to enable continuous learning and improved search results over time. Documents can also be scored based on relevance to certain search criteria

Identifying and segregating geological files

Automated segregation of documents based on patterns avoids manual effort for physically evaluating each file. Human efforts can be used to top up the automated segregation and validate random samples, doubtful files

Assay data identification & Mineral tagging

Automated assay data identification and mineral tagging enable advanced search for technical data and specific minerals of interest eventually leading to quick information retrieval

Geo-referencing and Chronological sorting

Geo-referencing facilitates localized document search related to geography of interest while Chronological sorting ensures that the latest and most relevant data is being referred to