As opposed to the conventional black-box approach, our transparent and collaborative approach enables transfer of capabilities to our client organizations

Value delivery beyond the SOW

Our short-term pilot engagements focus on providing AI based solutions that cater to specific needs of financial service enterprises. These engagements provide an opportunity for enterprises to gain a deeper understanding of AI capabilities and opportunities to collaborate on long-term relationships

e.g., Building a automated routing system of incoming requests from email

Applying latest research to serve enterprise needs

Our outcome based projects enable financial service enterprises to minimize risk while experimenting how their most complex problems can be addressed using the latest state of art in AI. This enables enterprises to pick any problem across any step of the value chain as opposed to finding a problem that suits our capabilities

e.g., Building a NLP based tool to extract sentiment from various channels such as chat, email, social media

Risk sharing approach to solve complex problems

We also take up development of products and services that have a long-term and wide range of applications for the industry. As these may require a marriage of our AI capabilities with private data of financial service enterprises, we are open to a risk sharing model that is mutually beneficial

e.g., Building an automated dashboard that flags calls with potential regulatory or brand dilution risks and provides insights for Business Process Reengineering (BPR)