Product engineering

We build and integrate AI modules that serve specific enterprise needs while delivering quality standards that match engineered products

Enhance existing tools by integrating AI modules

We build AI modules that can be integrated with existing IT applications to enhance productivity for the workforce

e.g., Integration of ‘Call analysis’ modules to existing call centre managment systems to monitor calls and identify potential risks and opportunities

Connect existing tools through AI based RPA

We build AI based tools that enable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and integrate existing applications to automate manual efforts

e.g., Incorporate Natural Language Generation (NLG) modules with existing Systems to generate regulatory submissions in a particular format

Develop customized solutions and integrate with existing processes

We build custom solutions and integrate with existing processes to cater to enterprise specific situations that off-the-shelf tools cannot handle

e.g., Building an automated email alert system for updates regarding competition, industry and regulations in an enterprise’s specific area of interest