Founders of Aganitha are a team of entrepreneurs and technology business executives who have successfully created and scaled world-class technology led business transformation teams in multiple start-ups. A hands-on approach to every aspect of technology-led business has created thousands of successful technology professionals who take immense pride in being and staying world-class and fully leveraging their talent to the betterment of world at large.

We are very proud of the seed team assembled for Aganitha. A great mix of experience and talent, every member of this team is an energized and discplined change maker.

Vikram Duvvoori
Co-founder and CEO
  • Early AI researcher (1987-93) at Univ. of California and IIT Bombay

  • Most recently ran multi-billion P&L and was Chief Technologist at $8B global IT services provider

  • Founder of multiple Silicon Valley start-ups acquired by global corps

  • Patents in Data, Process and Security

  • Based in Silicon valley, California

Dr. Rama Kanneganti
Co-founder and CTO
  • Ph. D. from Rice University specializing in Logic and Programming languages

  • Was a researcher at Bell labs (1994-97), SVP & Fellow at a global IT services firm

  • Partnered with CXOs of G500 to drive innovations

  • Patents in Data and Cloud. Co-author, SOA Security

  • Based in Warren, Michigan

Prasad Chodavarapu
Co-founder and MD
  • Masters in Robotics from Univ. of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

  • Previously, SVP and global delivery head for transformation services at an IT services major

  • Most recently managed 5,000+ member global delivery team

  • Patents in Data, Process and Cloud. Co-author, SOA Security

  • Based in Hyderabad, India

Srinivas Tumuluri
Principal Data Scientist
  • MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad with rich experience in large financial institutions of Australia

  • Previously, Vice President and head of APAC for Digital and Analytics at a global IT major

  • Currently specializing AI for mining and exploration businesses

  • Based in Sydney, Australia

Meeta Gangrade
Business Solutions Head
  • Rich experience in delivering digital transformation programs for global enterprises

  • Previously, AVP and head of digital services for Europe in a global IT services firm and Board member of Melton foundation

  • Specializes in agile delivery, design thinking and innovation lab setup processes and methodologies

Arti Gupta
HR & Admin Head
  • Experienced manager of HR function for innovation-centered teams

  • Previously, played critical roles in talent supply chain and administration for global IT businesses

  • Based in Hyderabad, India

Chanukya Nanduru
Business Solutions Analyst
  • AI-powered business solutions planner and manager, with specialization in chemical and pharamceutical industries

  • At Aganitha, guided AI solutions for chemical synthesis planning and optimization. Also, defined Information Extraction (IE) solutions for chemical industry

  • Previously, managed ethylene glycol operations for a petrochem major

  • MBA from IIM Bangalore and B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Warangal

Daksh Varshneya
AI Researcher
  • Passionate researcher in deep learning methods for natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV)

  • Current research includes graph based models for drug discovery and attention based models for NLP

  • M. Tech from IIIT Bangalore with thesis focusing on human trajectory prediction using spatially aware deep attention network

  • Winner of many global and local hackathons

Siva Kanishka
Data Scientist
  • Multi-faceted AI practitioner with experience in multi-modal methods and anomaly detection

  • At Aganitha, successfully identified anomalous transactions in payments worth billions of dollars for a public services customer

  • Current work focusing de-novo drug design using AI

  • Also, a specialist in AWS cloud services

  • B. Tech from IIT Madras

Tarini Chandrashekhar
Data Scientist
  • AI practitioner with penchant for exploring application of AI in deep domains such as biological research and clinical trials

  • At Aganitha, developed a neo-epitope prediction model for assisting researches in cancer immunology

  • Also, developed a clinical note processing solution extracting structured information from unstructured doctor notes

  • Previously, developed topic mapping and model interpretation techniques for use in Aganitha AI solutions

  • M. Tech from IIIT Bangalore

Aneesha Devulapally
Data Scientist
  • Passionate and multi-faceted AI practitioner focusing on AI methods for biology, chemistry and medicine

  • At Aganitha, developed models for virtual screening, toxicity analysis, retro-synthesis and yield prediction. Evolved interpretation techniques for AI models dealing with molecular features

  • Also, developed NLG based solution for automating regulatory submissions

  • Previously, worked on retinal vessel segmentation using AI-powered computer vision (CV) techniques

  • M. Tech from IIIT Bangalore with thesis work focusing on music analysis with AI

Abhishek Shakya
Data Scientist
  • Focused AI practitioner specializing in AI powered Information Extraction (IE) across text, audio and video modalities for a variety of industries

  • At Aganitha, developed the solution for extraction of chemical reaction data from academic journals

  • Also, developed the solution for digitization of mining and exploration documents, identifying assay data and doing geo-referencing

  • Previously, worked on AI powered solutions for analysis of entertainment videos

  • M. Tech and B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur

Pranav Bhople
Junior Data Scientist
  • AI practitioner specializing in analysis of video and audio data

  • At Aganitha, developed the solutions for functional segmentation of conversations

  • Previously, developed a solution for liveness detection in video feeds

  • M. Tech and B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur

Manish Sihag
Junior Data Scientist
  • Specializing in application of AI for Pharmaco-kinetics (PK) and chemical reaction optimization

  • At Aganitha, developed several models for ADME prediction

  • Also, developed chemical reaction prediction models

  • B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay

John Daniel Mathew
Junior Data Scientist
  • AI practitioner focusing on natural language processing (NLP) and Information extraction (IE) methods

  • At Aganitha, developed an AI powered solution for automated request routing in customer service

  • Also, implemented a multi-modal solution for Information Extraction (IE) from business documents

  • B. Tech from Cochin university