Areas of Expertise

Image recognition

Deep learning enabled image classification and segmentation capabilities to process images (or video) such as satellite images, medical imagery, construction site pictures, camera feeds, ...

Natural language processing (NLP)

Knowledge extraction, visualization and summarization, topic mapping, classification, auto evaluation, dialog systems, clinical notes analysis, legal docs analysis, ...

Audio and speech processing

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), speaker identification, speech synthesis, predictive maintenance through vibration analysis, ...

Machine learning

Predictive modeling applications such as churn analysis and fraud detection, e-commerce applications, user experience (UX) personalization, behavioral analysis, forecasting, ...

Big data and fast data processing

Data lakes with Hadoop and Spark like big data platforms

Process of data science

Agile and iterative processes spanning across opportunity mining, data acquisition, prepartion, modeling, deployment and business value realization

Service Catalog


AI adoption is a strategic imperative we help tackle in a planned, prepared and phased manner.


We deliver AI powered solutions targeting specific business goals.


We carry out original and contract research extending the reach of AI in solving strategic business problems. We also involve and collaborate with academic researchers as part of our research.

Executive training

We orient customer executives on what's possible with current state-of-art in AI and enable them to decide on the org structures, processes and capabilities needed for AI adoption in their enterprises.

Product engineering

We assist product engineering companies to extend and integrate their products with AI capabilities, technologies and platforms.

Partner services

We help AI platform and technology partners connect, customize and integrate with customer business problems and IT landscapes.

About Aganitha

Aganitha (अगणित) ,“countless” in Sanskrit, highlights the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming every area of business. In fact, the revolution has already begun. It’s clear that businesses that have assembled all elements of an AI value chain are reaping rewards. Every successful enterprise in the next decade will have to replicate the same. At Aganitha, our goal is to provide the full catalog of services every enterprise will need in its AI adoption journey.

Aganitha is bringing together expertise in all aspects of AI and machine learning along with the strategic consulting, domain expertise, information management and IT skills needed for conceiving, developing, integrating and deploying AI solutions for business transformation. Aganitha is also investing in industry and academic coalitions to continuously expand the range of solutions Aganitha provides to its customers.

Founders of Aganitha are a team of entrepreneurs and technology business executives who have successfully created a world-class technology led business transformation team from scratch and scaled it to service half a billion plus dollars worth of business over a decade. Their hands-on approach to every aspect of technology-led business has created thousands of successful technology professionals who take immense pride in being and staying world-class and fully leveraging their talent to the betterment of world at large.

Aganitha is currently based in Hyderabad, India which is one of the fastest growing destinations for Technology startup and professionals. Aganitha will expand globally and to other locations in India as it expands the business footprint.

Join us

Industry analysts estimate the creation of 150-500 thousand data science positions by 2024. More importantly, 2-4 million “business translators” will be needed for blending the knowledge of enterprise business processes with AI and IT skills needed. At Aganitha, we are committed to making a difference with a world-class team of AI practitioners.

We are actively recruiting Math and CS graduates, with in-depth expertise in at least one area of machine learning and demonstrated interest in solving real business problems with AI. One way you can showcase your capabilities to us is by sharing your Kaggle profile.

We are also happy to offer internships to talented students.

Interested? Send a note to with a detailed description of your background and interests.